CGIA Board of Directors:
Board members are elected in September, and serve a 2-year term from October 1st to September 30th.
 Name  Position  Since / Current Term  Phone
 Wayne Brehob  President  2009   2017-2018  734-525-1533
 Will Bohnert  Vice President  2014   2017-2018  432-631-8002
 Elizabeth Bell  Secretary  2017   2017-2018  313-802-1520
 Sam McCarter  Treasurer  2018   2018-2019  734-716-1737
 Michelle Haldane  Director  1998   2018-2019  734-513-8813
 Sheeba Cook  Director  2011   2017-2018  734-422-9367
 Lisa Fraske  Director  2014   2017-2018  734-536-7210
 Kate Bohnert  Director  2017   2017-2018  734-744-5987
 Mike Stanecki  Director  2015   2018-2019  313-574-4471
 Jason Verleye  Director  2015   2018-2019  734-358-9715
 Jason Radecki  Director  2017   2017-2018  313-580-4777
Committees are comprised of CGIA member volunteers and must include at least one director.  You DO NOT have to be on the Board of Directors to participate in committees.  Members are encouraged to participate.  This is an opportunity to maintain and improve your neighborhood!
The committees are:
     Sheeba Cook
Park Maintenance
     Wayne Brehob
     Chris Peterson
     Michelle Haldane
Flash Newsletter
     Lisa Fraske
New Neighbor
     Nobody right now -- let us know if you'd like to help!
     Wayne Brehob