Pay Dues Online

If you are not sure if you have paid your dues yet this year, you can look at the transactions for your account.
Please ignore the balance since that is not always accurate. The fiscal year is Jan. 1st to Dec. 31st. If you have paid this year you are done!
Note that Payments may take up to 7 days to be reflected on this web site. Transactions before Jan. 1st 2021 may not be listed.
If you have not paid this year, you can make a check out to CGIA and deliver it to Wayne Brehob at 15525 Norwich St., or pay below with PayPal.


1. Bronze - $ 85.00
Coventry Gardens Park is not part of Livonia Parks and Recreation, so the neighborhood association membership fee funds all park maintenance.  This includes mowing the grass (our largest expense by far), painting, fixing and replacing playground equipment when needed, grating the baseball diamond, resurfacing the pavilion area blacktop and painting the storage building.
In addition, the nominal $85.00 membership fee also covers yearly events including the Summer Picnic, Halloween, Christmas, and the Easter Egg hunt.
The nominal $85.00 membership fee makes you a member of the Coventry Gardens Improvement Association (CGIA) for one year, giving you the ability to attend the Summer Picnic and reserve the pavilion and ball diamond.  And you become part owner of the park!
Additional levels of membership (below) do not give you any extra benefits, except for the knowledge that you are keeping the neighborhood association going, and giving us the resources to make park improvements.
2. Silver - $ 100.00
If you want to turn your membership fee into a nice round number, we'll gladly accept a little extra.
3. Gold - $ 125.00
For those that want to give even more, we will put the money to good use!
4. Platinum - $ 150.00
For those that want to REALLY support their neighborhood!
5. Senior (Age 65 & up) - $ 70.00
If you are 65 or older, you might not use the swings and the slide as much as you used to, so you can be a CGIA member for a little less money.
Additional Donation - Amount $
If you have already paid your dues this year, but wish to donate a little more to help keep up the park (playground equipment is not cheap!), we welcome all donations.