About CGIA


The Coventry Gardens Improvement Association (CGIA) is a voluntary neighborhood association organized and coordinated by residents of Coventry Gardens in Livonia Michigan.

Our bylaws define our neighborhood as:

Coventry Gardens and Coventry Woods, both subdivisions of Section 16, Town 1 South, Range 9 East, Livonia Township, Wayne County, Michigan.  This is generally described as the area in Livonia, Michigan beginning east of Ashurst and progressing east to Farmington Road. The southern border is Five Mile Road.  The neighborhood extends north via Southampton and Southampton Court.  The northeast section includes Hampshire (north). Three properties off of Farmington Road (15971, 15959 and 15941) are included. The neighborhood includes only residential property and CGIA’s common property, Coventry Park (originally known as Shoreham Park).

Headed by a Board of Directors, the CGIA serves to: 

                    - maintain and enhance Coventry Park, 
                    - provide an organization to promote interest/pride of the neighborhood and
                    - provide opportunities for social interaction.